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Mirrors Edge is a heavy band that has been described as

thrash, heavy metal, hard rock, hard core, punk, and

speed metal all at the same time

The band had various line ups in its 8 year history

and put out 6 all original releases, the 1st in 1987

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Movie of Mirrors Edge in 1991

somewhere in southern California

Mirrors Edge1991.mov

135 MB Quick time movie (.mov file)


In This World was the fifth and last full length release

by Mirrors Edge. Released in 1991

see this page for info

The fourth release was Unjustified Incarceration

see this page for info

The third release was No Laughing Matter

see this page for info

The first release, Reflection by Mirrors Edge

The first song below is Hidden Image released in 1987

-- HiddenImage.mp3

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