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This Page is the Mirrors Edge Release -No Laughing Matter

No Laughing Matter was the third release by the band Mirrors Edge.

This release was recorded at Sutton Sound Studio in 1989.

Released as an album and a tape.


Allan Peek - Bass

Tony Furnari - Vocals

Tim Furnari - Drums

James Gideon - Guitars

Here are a few songs from the album No Laughing Matter by the band Mirrors Edge

Grind till Deaf and The Future -- GrindtillDeaf_Thefuture.mp3

Grind till Deafer -- GrindtillDeafer.mp3 (different mix of just grind intro toThe Future)

Maze of Time -- MazeOfTime.mp3

Wasted Lives -- Wasted Lives.mp3

Fight -- Fight.mp3


other songs in the near future






Album Notes:

The song fight on this album won Mirrors Edge

a best unsigned hard rock / metal band in a national competition

by Metal Hammer Magazine and Concrete Foundations Forum

and the song Fight was included on a compilation tape called

Shape of Things to Come in 1989



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